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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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abc-7, news. >> by the way, the willis tower is really the sears tower. captioned by the national captioning institute with breaking news. a suspect is dead after a police officers. noticed two people acting suspiciously. officers said it won a runoff the second pulled out a handgun. the officers returned fire. the police officers were not hurt and we have a crew on the in a live report. >> the cleanup begins after the weekend's storms damaged several
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fredericksburg. good morning. now it is monday. i am cynne simpson. .> i'm in today for steve your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. adam.orning, >> we have a frontal boundary will lead to some unsettled weather all this week. we could use the rain and we're it.ting plenty of d some moderate rain pushing eastward and moving into culpeper. we have had our fair share of overnight. ur andk along the 270 spo beltway.the
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flash flood warning in frederick. all these showers continue to east. there could be some strong morning south of washington. limited sunshine today. highs in the mid to upper 80's with stormeekend daily. >> you will find things slippery around town. road service buckled in bowie. this is the 50 east. they are making road repairs to ready for theg hour.g rush eastbound 50 at 197. closed is the george washington
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northbound. traffic is forced to go across memorial bridge and into town. a tree has fallen on the parkway. you can see the wet pavement on bridge.ican legion the light volume is helping us out for now. >> now families and business the worke starting off from lastsing damage storms. >> this is a building in fredericksburg. people say they are lucky to be alive. >> take a look at this dance studio. inside about two cheerleaders, teachers, and parents. the windows blew out and
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was ordered to the front of the building. andhe saw the funnel everybody to get into the room. >> we saw it. some of the parents were as they pulled the kids safety. nobody was home here. the roof of the strip mall was off.d equipment when flying through windows. >> we just started and we just lost it. >> i cannot even tell you what we're feeling. we still are in a state of shock. >> there is other damage in the county but nothing like the here.
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reporting for abc 7 news. three lanes on eastbound route 50 foreclosed because of a bogguckling. it is not clear how long it will be until the work is done. >> more delays are expected for natural passengers on the green .ine there was a partial derailment county.e george's crews worked on sunday night to repair a section of track. natcher has restored single trains and if that shouldes, wrriders consider up to 20-minute delays. a boy was shot in the leg and
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.n his side and is backed officers have not made any arrests. police ought investigating a stabbing -- police are investigating a double stabbing. no information on the suspects released. >> a home went up in flames last night. is happened in largo -- this largo.d in the hobe did have significant havee -- the home did damage.ant hashe mitt romney campaign campaigns as unfounded
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assaults. personal wealth exceed $250 million. president obama will try to show touch.mney is out of >> tens of thousands of could lose internet because of an virus.t it is times to take effect today. customer support lines could be your best solution. more information on our website, >> it preview of the trading day bell has more. good morning. let's begin with stock index
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futures. the dow could open about 70 lower. alcoa is kicking off earnings season. p.m. finance ministers are -- europeany finance ministers are meeting .oday 2400 job cuts at best buy along wi. the subprime mortgage market leave black disadvantage for come.s to they're facing foreclosure in outside numbers. the federal reserve is data on how the recession has affected credit race. more
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retailers are marketing to the .ay community 7-eleven has something free for customers. more coming up in the next hour. i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> something free. degrees.73 tragedy on maryland's shore. three children drowned. >>
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>> we are starting to get a itter idea of just how hot was. plane's tires sank into tarmac. the airplane had to be towed. it was able to leave a few hours later. >> that is an excuse i have bat of when i was late. it was so hot out there -- >> the highest temperature ever
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106, so we d.c. was degree.hat by a we came one degree shy. we have some areas of rain and rain.need the we're in an unsettled weather with showers and thunderstorms. lot of rain out there that is widespread north of town along 70 and crossing over the blue ridge into the piedmont of virginia. a little more action off to the rest. we'll see a break in the action some sunshine into the afternoon. more storms are possible later on today, especially south washington with temperatures it an upper 80's.
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maybe pushing back up to about weekend. we have a shower chances daily week. >> onset of whether, on several accident in the 202. loop near we have a tree down on the parkway.shington they said nobody gets by. all traffic has to turn on to the memorial bridge and go into the district. northbound george was in parkway is for the tree the parkway. on interstate travel in our favor. of good news. 95 is good. nothing on 66. nothing along 270. 50 eastbound reopened.
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that has been repaired. >> thank you, lisa. 4:44. >> 73 degrees. >> we have an update in the .rayvon martin murder case kate and i have been married for 15 years. that's 3 moves, 5 jobs, 2 newborns. it's no wonder i'm getting gray. but kate still looks like...kate. [ female announcer ] with nice'n easy, all they see is you -- in one step, nice'n easy with colorblend technology, is proven to give more blends of tones. for color that's perfectly true to you. [ rob ] i don't know all her srets but i do know kate's more autiful now, than the day i married her. [ female announcer ] with the dimensional color of nice'n easy, all they see is you.
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>> three children drowned after basketball. the families are in shock. >> the shock is still selling in stepson's body was creek.n a nearby anduthorities say the boy the others were last seen on saturdayp.m. playing basketball. it was like a routine. they know to come straight home. >> but that did not happen. >> we looked everywhere. >> they search through the
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night. the bodies were found one by one . it appears they when for a swim and more overcome by the current. >> it is a tragedy and they need to do something or it will happen again. no other child has to drown or quicksand. it doesn't make any sense. >> investigators trying to firemine what caused and a laurel. dozens of families are now displaced. this happened not tiger lily .ath >> i came outside and it was nothing but flame, 300 degrees. everybody was running and sure everybodyg was out of the building. >> everybody made it out
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.uickly people were not allowed to all theecause of damage. >> a debate over a costco gas station. it would be the largest in the county near the swimming and a club. opponents are worried about .nvironmental and health risks >> costco says those fears are unfounded. now to the latest in the trayvon case. attorney saidman's client has received a number threats. george zimmerman was released on .riday >> 4:50. 73 degrees outside.
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>> monday morning. we made it to over 100 degrees saturday and sunday. we have a cold front that in yesterday.
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that boundary is not moving much. it is going west to east and this activewe have weather. areas of widespread rain in of frederick county. flash flood warning in frederick county. county, a few downpours to the easthed off bay.oving into the heavier showers off to west and pushing across the blue ridge. 87 is the high temperature with a few scattered thunderstorms, most of which hours but the morning expected this afternoon and evening. tonight, we cannot rollout a few thunderstorms. we're in an unsettled weather pattern. we actually need the rain.
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it came at a bit of a cost with damage.rm >> we will look at the roads. across the american legion bridge, pretty tough rain shower us with this wet pavement. quiet traffic. you tend to want to go a little faster when the volume is light. i will take you to the george washington parkway northbound at spout run. the road.oss northbound george washington parkway passed the egg -- has to bridge. -- moral >> hollywood is morning actor borgnine. he played many roles. >> i am just a fat little man.
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starred in "-- he eternity" and navy."'s he died of renal failure with wife and children by his .ide >> this is a tough time for usher. his stepson has been declared dead following a boating incidents. they were floating on inner tubes when a jet stream struck .hem he was struck in the head. the cause of the accident is investigation. courtney kardashian gave birth , penelope, their
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child. >> next to have a reality show. 4:56. >> new concern over gas prices. 4:56. >> new concern over gas prices. here you go little man.
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